If you are already working with a real estate attorney, then a closing agent may not be necessary as your real estate attorney can also be the acting closing agent with a checklist of required task items to cross off before the closing.

Otherwise, get referrals from real estate agents, real estate attorneys, friends and family for the closing agents that they recommend working with. Think of the closing agent as a specialized professional that coordinates and pushes everyone to get all the required documents, insurances, and various tasks done before closing.

  1. Get title insurance. The closing agent will arrange for you to get title insurance.
  2. Coordinate between lenders. Your lender will pay the seller’s lender.
  3. Maintain an escrow account. Your money in the escrow will be transferred to the seller on the closing.
  4. Prorate adjustments. Credit and debit worksheets for items such as crediting the seller if they paid the full year of property taxes in advance and the closing is in June.
  5. Pay the seller. Payment is transferred to the seller at closing.
  6. Record the deed. The closing agent will file the public record of the deed transfer.
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