After your initial conversations with a rebate realter, they will suggest neighborhoods where you might be interested in living at whether it is Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens. Then the search begins with the type of house you are looking for where the real estate agent shows you inventory of homes for sale that matches to the criteria you have discussed. In addition, during your interactions, the agent should explain the process from start to finish of the home buying process.

The rebate realter will be able to take you to see the houses that you are interested in seeing. They will schedule appointments and accompany you in seeing the houses together. Afterwards, compare notes with you regard the houses. If you need another look at a house that you liked, the rebating agent will schedule another showing for you.

Before helping you make a bid, the real estate agent will provide a comparative market analysis of comparable houses sold or still listed on the market. The negotiation starts after presenting a written offer to the seller or seller’s agent.

Once the bid is accepted, the rebate agent will recommend home inspectors, lenders and real estate attorneys for you to work with. The rebate agent will guide you through the process until the closing where you receive the deed to the home and get your commission rebate.

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