Older homes are generally less expensive than newer homes. Since you paid less for an older home, when it is time to sell, their resale value will be less than newer homes as well.

Older homes have higher quality original construction material such as brick and real wood floors that withstood weather and time. Material costs were lower, and thicker wood beams were used. On the other hand, the poorly built homes that were not well maintained will have been torn down a long time ago already.

Everything around an older home is already established. The look of the neighborhood is not changing any time soon. Stores, parks, schools, trees, houses, and buildings are likely to remain the same in the area. You won’t have to fear that a new housing construction project going up nearby.

The money that you save on an old house can go towards upgrades if necessary: energy efficient insulation, appliances, water heaters, additional electrical outlets, bathroom remodeling and more.

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