The fear is real, and the good thing is that you are not the only person who fears making the transition to home ownership. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

There are hundreds of books from your local libraries that guides you step by step through the process. Government agency websites provide PDF home buying guides for you to read on your digital devices. Real estate professionals such as real estate agents, mortgage bankers, home inspectors, real estate attorneys are also there to help make the home buying process as painless as possible.

The best guide is to start the process early, and not wait until the very last minute when you need a home.

Drive around the area you want to live at, visit the neighboring shops and stores, follow the list prices of homes sold or / for sale in the area with popular real estate websites to get your feet wet.

The fear is real. However, it is nice to know that millions and millions of people are already homeowners. They are no different from you or anyone looking to buy a home.

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