Your agent, who will be guiding you through the buyer rebate on your home purchase, should also be able to recommend real estate attorneys that they have worked with. Request someone who is responsive with returning calls, responding to emails, and meeting deadlines.

In general, the real estate attorney will handle the contracts and verifying the titles of the home. Make sure that the cost of their services is provided to you prior to you hiring them (hourly rate or flat fee).

Upon review of the contracts and agreements, the real estate attorney will make sure that any problems or issues is explained to you until you understand. If there are issues in taking ownership of the property title such as a cloud on title, the lawyer will provide you with options to address it legally.

If you don’t understand something such as a sales contract, it is best to ask your real estate attorney for clarification. It is their job to help you understand the contracts put before you to sign.

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