If you would like to have your own buyer agent representation to get a real estate commission rebate, it is recommended to bring a real estate agent to your very first visit of a new development. Otherwise, you may lose your representation, and be assigned a developer’s agent. In a dual agency, the developer’s agent representing you is working for the developer’s best interest.

When you buy a new house, it means that you will be its first owner and the first person to live in it as a home. New water heaters, fixtures and appliances may still have protective blue plastic wraps on it.

It could be built to your liking if you are buying the lot, plan and blueprint before the actual house has been built. Bigger kitchen with marble counter tops, large walk-in closets and master bedroom could be arranged into the build.

New houses are built with more energy efficient materials saving you money on cooling and heating. New roofs won’t have to be replaced in 15 to 20 years.

New houses generally come with a higher price than what you may have originally budgeted for. Customizing your new home with marble counter tops is very nice, but it adds up to a higher price than bare builds.

The last thing is to be realistic as a buyer of a brand new house. Paying for the perfect new house may still come with issues, because a house is big in size and any thing within it can break as well. Generally, the developer / sponsor will take care of the punch list items after the closing. Be vigilant if they are slow in addressing your punch list, this is common as they already have your money deposited into their bank account and their priority has shifted to new buyers who bring in the next deposit.


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