One of the most important aspects of home buying is selecting the perfect neighborhood where you see your family spending years enjoying and contributing to the community.

There are many offline methods and online tools to help you narrow down on the neighborhoods that fits you.

  • Talk to co-workers, friends and family about the areas where they currently reside.
  • Visit the neighborhoods where you would like to buy your house. Visit the nearby restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores and boutique shops. You will encounter people who live around the area. Make the visits both during the day time and night time.
  • Rent a short-term rental home or apartment in the area where you want to eventually buy. It will give you the complete first hand experience. Websites:,,
  • Sometimes crime statistics of the area are not readily available on the internet. A visit to the local police station would yield the latest statistics of crime around the area.
  • Contact the local municipal agencies to see if your area is zoned for single family houses or multi-family houses, structure size limits if you plan do a tear down and rebuild, and other questions that you may have about the rules and regulations pertaining to the neighborhood.
  • for restaurants, stores, parks, and events by neighborhoods.
  • Wikipedia for the area’s history, demographics, statistics and more. New York City Wikipedia page.
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