One of the many joys of owning a home is not having someone lording over you and your family, telling you what you can do and cannot do in the rental unit.

Your home becomes your castle. Everything in the house is for you to do as you wish and fix.

If the grass needs trimming, you trim it. If the heater is broken, you fix it. If the roof is leaking, you fix it. If the appliances need an upgrade, you buy new ones. There is no need to wait on the landlord’s permission to proceed.

Ever want to paint the bedroom in your favorite color? Go for it, because it is your home. Owning a home naturally enables the creative side of home owners because everything within the home could and will be a representation of you.

Gone are the uncertainties of when things in the home breaks, because you control when it gets fixed. Gone are the uncertainties of moving when a lease ends. Home ownership comes with many positives, where the positives outweigh the negatives when owning a home is right for you.


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