As a home buyer, it is recommended that your rebate agent only represents you. The way to find out is to make sure that your agent isn’t representing the seller at the same time. If they are, then one of their goals is to help the seller get the highest price on the sale. This occurs in a dual agency where their loyalty is divided.

If the same real estate brokerage house represents the seller and you (the buyer), you may have a designated agency representation. The brokerage has a stronger interest to sell the listing more than keeping you as a potential buyer.

A more favorable scenario is the have your own buyer’s agent who don’t represent the seller nor work in the same brokerage that represents the seller. This ensures that your agent negotiates only on your behalf with an undivided loyalty to you. At closing, be sure to get a commission rebate while knowing that the rebate agent has fought allowing you to pay a lower purchase price.

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